Monday, February 28, 2005

tracking moose?

For those of you living here... when I was a teenager I lived with my older brother. Since we both went by the same nickname, my brother's friends gave me the title Moose (I was gym-induced larger & moving to Minnesota). It stuck. My mom even calls me moose on occasion. Hence, the blog title.

Awaiting Spring...

I've stopped writing poetry. I always seem to use the excuse that academic work gets in the way, but lately I'm beginning to think its the weather. I can't ride. Too cold. Too snowy. Too blah. Riding is slowing down--seems ironic--but, when you're forced to consider every movement in your body, every sound of your machine, and every inch on the road, time slows... you become acutely aware of your place and the surrounding environment; senses are heightened and focus comes naturally. All these sensations are akin to writing poetry. I need to ride to tap into the pace. The spirit of motorcycling can survive the long Minnesotan winter. However, the natural, intimate relationship between riding and writing suffers. That physical drive or spark needed to tap into the poetic mind grows cold.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Blog Initiation...

This blog has been arranged to follow my progress during a summer-long voyage across the U.S. on my motorcycle. Motives for this trip include: getting out of northern Minnesota, seeking adventure, riding my motorcyle daily, and most importantly... finding inspiration for a masters thesis project. Last year I witnessed my office-mate waste away in our intellectual cell while writing his thesis. I'm concerned with falling into the same trap; sure it would be easy to stick around and pump out 100 pages, but would I be reaching an audience outside these university walls? Probably not. I want to get out there, experience our country, feel some writing before it gets on the page. I'm no Kerouac On The Road or Steinbeck Travels With Charlie, but I have similar interests in wondering and writing.