Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Pun is roaring (kinda)

The recent nice weather inspired me to dust off the Punisher to see if she had any life in her whatsoever. I kicked her over using jumper cables and felt like an accomplished mechanic. While I was patting myseld on the back and disconnecting the cables... she died. Seems as if the battery is completely dead which means the charging system is done for somewhere, somewhere, somewhere I don't know about. Time for a little research. Turns out old 650s, while highly reliable in the engine department, are a little stubborn keeping their charge. This means:

A: I need some guidance.
B: I need a volt tester.
C: I need some more guidance.
D: If anybody knows of a good, honest mechanic... let me know.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The critics glory...

Being a critic is far easier than being a writer. Finding faults in a piece of work requires less thought than creating something from scratch. I'm reminded of this every time I sit down to write... and I try to remember this while I comment on student work. Being a writer is not a label; it's an action--and every day I do not write, I fail myself. "But school takes up my time and then I run off to another (less fulfilling) job and it too takes away from my craft." I hear these words creep into my head when I do have free time instead of opening to a blank page and writing just one word... that's all I really need to start. One word leads to another; sentences are formed; ideas are brought to life; connections are made; the string of words and ideas spring to life. But all this talk about the glamour of writing simply adds to the previous thoughts about the burden of writing, which becomes an escape as well: another excuse waiting in the checkout line of productivity. And so the cycle continues... I better go and write something, something other than writing.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Have you ever...

had one of those days where taking a nap was the best part of your day?

Monday, September 12, 2005

Thesis Idea & Fantasy Football

Mondays are good days as I don't have to work & I get to write, which means I spend plenty of time not writing as I check up on seemingly more important things like fantasy football. I've never been a big fan of football, other than swearing at the Vikings, but this season I am participating in a clash of bragging rights between my immediate family members. In keeping up with my profanity concerning our purple pride I was lucky enough to draft the best QB at turning over the ball (Dante). Apparently this doesn't correlate to a vast number of positive fantasy points as my father is kicking my ass this week in our match up.

On a side note... I've started to piece together ideas for my thesis and it's coming together. Verse as novel type idea including visual rhetoric and prose (looks like I really narrowed it down). Whatever happened to the travel writing? Oh yeah, turns out a thesis needs to consist of more than breaking down and seeing the World's Largest Boot; at least I proved I could grow a grizzly looking beard.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Although the devastation and suffering resulting from the current weather disaster in the south is no laughing matter, the bombardment of headlines in the news and online hold a different meaning when the hurricane shares the same name with your fiance.

Some examples:

"Katrina Won't Overwhelm Economy"
Only if she keeps buying shoes at an alarming rate.

"Katrina Comes Home to Roost"
Roost? Not sure if she's the roosting type.

"Bush Defends Handling of Katrina"
Is there anything going on in Yellowstone I need to know about?

"Bush Seeks to Rekindle National Unity on Katrina"
Who knew K-Train had so much pull over the nation?

"The Waters are Receding, but Katrina Might Still Unleash a Nasty Blow"
-No Comment

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Summer is over...

at least from the standpoint of getting nice weather throughout an entire weekend. Our last bash in Brandon was rife with rain, hail, and wind; it's too bad my brother wasn't able to experience all the outdoor activities the "at the lake" life has to offer.

The end of summer has also brought the start of school and I've been excited to get back into the classroom--although, I'm not sure my new students feel the same way. Eight in the morning is early, but it seems as if this batch of freshman are exceedingly quiet. I've been thinking about bringing in a coffee machine just to perk up a few kids who find staying awake, let alone writing a complete sentence, difficult. Often I look into the crowd of faces and am reminded of bobblehead dolls as their necks snap back and forth in a constant struggle to keep their heads from slamming into their desks.
What is this long-haired freak talking about???

I'm sure I'm partly to blame for trying to dissect rhetorical situations the day after a long weekend. Maybe I should have instituted nap time--at least they would be fresh for their next class.