Sunday, November 27, 2005

Holidays are upon us

... and I'm already starting to feel the "bah-humbugs" concerning the tradition of gift giving. The exchange of presents has truned into expectations and competitions; it no longer appears people buy gifts for each other because they need a sportcoat for interviews, a robe for the cold winter months, or testing equipment for wiring their troublesome motorcycle. No longer do we simply buy gifts because they remind us of someone special--rather, we seek out presents (in the spirit of the season) ...receivers pretend to enjoy (in the spirit of the season), then box the items away in a storage unit.

Sharing with freinds and family looses flavor when items are shipped in little brown coffins, void of life, void of immediate reaction upon opening, void of laughter and smiles.

Maybe some snow will help.

Friday, November 25, 2005

New Look

Thought I'd jazz up the blog experience by setting up a new template; however, I didn't realize I'd loose all my links. Damn you convenient technology.

Monday, November 21, 2005

grumpy old man or IMS

I took the test... and I discovered soo much about myself escapist, enhausted, grumpy self.
Here are the official results.

The Irritable Male Syndrome Quiz Results

Your total score is 48

In our study of nearly 10,000 males we found that a score of 0-25 indicated none or few signs of IMS. A score 26-49 suggests some indications of IMS.

You may want to take the quiz again to see if things improve or get worse.

A score of 50-75 indicates that IMS is likely and we suggest you seek help. A score of 76 and above indicates that IMS is definitely present and it is advisable that you seek help right away.

Your Primary Category Types are:

Type 6: ExhaustedMen who fall into this category are tired a good deal of the time. We often feel stressed at home and at work. Life can seem overwhelming at times and we think of getting away from it all. Our energy level is low and it seems we are often running on empty. We may have difficulty sleeping. We often feel we haven’t lived up to our potential.

Type 8: Escape Men who fall into this category cover their feelings with alcohol and other drugs, food, T.V., and computers. We use nicotine to give us a boost as well as to relax. We may smoke marijuana. Alcohol is often a significant presence in our lives. We often over-eat and spend hours lost in front of the T.V. or the computer. We want to zone out.

Your Secondary Category Type is:

Type 1: GrumpyMen who fall into type 1 are often hypersensitive. Little things can set us off and we become annoyed and angry. We are sure that someone else (often our partner, family, or co-workers) are doing things to irritate us. Often it’s the people who live with us who suffer the most. It’s the most common type and most difficult to recognize in ourselves.

Please don’t use the questionnaire to prove to someone that you don’t have a problem. Even if you don’t score in the higher range, if your behavior is a causing stress in your family, take it seriously. On the other hand, don’t use the questionnaire to prove someone else has a problem because they scored "high" on the test. For each feeling noted, check whether it is true of you (or the person you are rating) Not at all or rarely, Sometimes , Frequently, or Most of the time.
Thus the score can range from 0 to 150.
With that in mind, I have found the following scores to be worth considering. They are based on my own clinical experience with people I rated and who then took the questionnaire. The scores are also based on 9,453 people who participated in the Irritable Male Syndrome and Male Depression Questionnaires on the Men’s Health Website:
0-25: None or few signs of IMS.
26-49: Some indications of IMS. May need help or watchful waiting to see if things improve or get worse.
50-75 : IMS is likely and it is advisable to seek help.
76 and higher: IMS is definitely present and getting help is most important.

The Irritable Male Syndrome Types
After analyzing the results of the questionnaire we found that there are actually 9 different aspects of the Irritable Male Syndrome. Although most men will find that they have elements of a number of types, usually one or two will predominate. In scoring your questionnaire we have listed the two types that predominate in your personality.
Remember that these aren’t meant to be value judgments. They don’t mean that you are wrong or bad. Often our particular type may have genetic roots as well reflect the kind of stressful environment we grew up in and may be experiencing in our lives today.
Understanding yourself and the way IMS may be expressing itself in your life is the first step to making things better for you and those you love.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

toot my own horn (somebody has to)

After the days when students are sleeping on their desks, after class periods where only 10 show up, after blank stares after lectures, after nobody has done any pre-writing activities, you get a comment like this:

"I have never had a teacher like you in my life. Most teachers I have had use the "traditional" method for teaching. They give you a bunch of assignments that in no way relate to the student (or even human for that matter). Then they tell you to write 8 pages of bullshit while using perfect grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. If you don't, you get a bad grade. Your teaching method has given me hope to actually trust teachers again (half kidding). I can tell you actually care about students and the topic you are teaching. I think that you have helped me out a lot in my writing. You were always honest about what sucked and what was good. That's a good quality to have, especially for young whipper-snappers like myself." want to get back into the classroom, regardless of students missing, regardless of late work, regardless of ignorant comments, and keep on teaching. Thanks TS (even with your sarcastic wit).

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

another pass...

Seems as if all this education and teaching comp has finally sunk in... whatever brain cells I haven't lost to fists, pucks, sticks, or the occasional "sure-I'll-go-out-for-one-beer" night. Although I've taken my academic writing to the next level, I'm still weary of writing my thesis. But alas, I'm starting to see the ways of Dr. Donnay's advice over an after-work (cooking) drink. "Adam, you're not going to change the world with your thesis. Don't get it right--get it done." If he said get er' done I wouldn't have listened.

But for now, with one comp left, I'm realizing the importance of putting myself on the page for the sake of finishing a project. I'm not saying my best work isn't achieved, just my best work at the time--isn't that what we strive for anyway?


At least the snow arrived signaling one day closer to official 907 boot hockey season!

By the way... I'm making a Tutto first tomorrow: Italian burgers (fennel seed, fresh herbs, grilled onions, balsamic vin and oil). Come check it out.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Gopher players boozing

In my composition course I try to help students realize they don't need to state the obvious. Fox nine's investigative report on underage Gopher hockey players drinking in bars highlights the absurdity of telling people what they already know. Wow... a 20 year old collegiate hockey player is given preferential treatment at a local establishment... and they took it! They were drinking! Woah! I'm glad to see the backlash Fox is getting for such programming. It seems as if the news is sick of covering real issues (like war, like governments lying, like people being beaten by cops) to expose such "unbelievable behavior" with the disclaimer: only on fox nine... you'll hear it here. Maybe the reason they could say that was the fact that other networks realized there was no story. But it doesn't stop Fox nine from covering their own ass.

What's up for the programming this week Fox Nine?

You'll hear it first...

"Kids smoke cigarettes. Bought from local stores."

"If you're underage, weed is easier to buy than alcohol."

"Yes, your parents did have sex in the past... and probably still do!"

"Minnesota-nice stalls traffic at four-way stops."

Monday, November 07, 2005

Hoop one accomplished!

Just as I've leaped through another hoop (wow, I feel this guy's pain) in getting my degree... my feet have started to break the plain of another one (creative non-fiction as a genre). Not sure what to do with this project yet, but I'm positive by the time my bellybutton reaches the rings I'll have an idea ready for ink and paper.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


12 plus pages... and I still need a conclusion. Isn't that what Sundays are for?

10 hours of reading and drafting I'm 8 pages into my first comprehensive exam concerning rhetoric and composition and... I'm still alive.