Tuesday, January 24, 2006

wild minds

It seems ironic... after three years of graduate studies focused on rhetorical theory and composition studies, I’m compelled to write a thesis centered on the traditional joked about classroom assignment: “What I did on my summer vacation.” Essentially, that’s what I’m accomplishing. That old warm up in English class allowing students the opportunity to reflect on their swimsuit-as-underwear days, brag about their new bicycle, and put the summer months behind them. While rereading my journal entries, I’ve discovered my need to explore the days without responsibility or time and how they alter my psyche, my need to discuss my motorcycle and how its presence affects me and those around me, and the need to recognize moments are simply that, momentary, and I need to look forward. But I’m still left wondering, what did I do?
A nationwide motorcycle journey turned into a statewide trip. Three consecutive months turned into sporadic weeks. Writing as the central focus shifted into finding a place to sleep. Getting lost on back roads turned into staying on the map. Being alone with my thoughts turned into staying with friends and family. I know what I really did. I settled. I settled for something less than I wanted.


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