Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Real Life

Real life is creeping up on me fast. I hear it in the background. It started as white noise, increasing in volume. A chatter of voices began conversing. Write your resume, again. Send off that application to the Marshall Islands. Deliver thesis revisions to the Grad Studies Office. Replace that windshield wiper before it rains. Burn all those empty beer boxes piled up on the porch. Read up on creative nonfiction theory for your defense. Plan a feast for the in-laws on Sunday. Sell the Shadow. Schedule a physical for the Bahamas. The voices begin to separate and argue, fight for time within my days. Priorities melt in real life. They merge and peel, stealing silly-puddy images I stretch and rub together while trying to sleep. But, the ball is getting smaller as the voices begin to disappear. The Shadow is gone. My first motorcycle sputtered off the grass underneath another rider. The thesis revisions lie on a desk somewhere in Deputy. The empty Pibber and Keystone cases spewed ash into the night’s sky in Matty’s backyard.

But as each voice is silenced, there seems to be enough room for another. Real life is a checklist of going-on’s right now. It’s a good thing. As long as I remember the that real life consists of simple moments threaded by experience. A walk with Katrina. The sound of the Punisher firing up. Reading for pleasure. Drinking beer and laughing with my roommates. These voices don’t haunt me. I just have to make sure they continue not to. I’ll let the other chatter keep me from sleep.


At 8:42 AM, Blogger Jessie said...

Hey Adam--I like the approach you took with this prompt. Lately, I've really begun to enjoy writing again, just for the sheer pleasure of it. Thank god, because it had been awhile since I've felt that. And I see, through your words, that you're feeling it, too.

I've recently decided that, no matter how busy life gets, I'm going to make my writing and art a priority in my life--because, you're right, "simple moments are threaded by experience." And those moments are worth giving a little love and attention to. If we're not careful, life can too easily pass by without the things that are most important.

Nice writing Adam!

At 6:45 PM, Blogger v said...

I, myself, refuse to write about real life because I am in denial and like it that way.


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