Tuesday, July 11, 2006


No, I am not lost somewhere. Katrina and I have relocated to Alexandria, MN--the heart of farmland, loud trucks (even louder than Bemidji, sorry guys), dirt track racing, and lots of retired folk from the cities.

While Katrina is the new manager at Andes Tower Hills, one of the larger ski resorts in MN, I landed a job as the new managing editor of the Hoffman Tribune. I have to admit, I have no journalism experience, yet my boss reassured me it wouldn't be a problem. I was hired within five minutes of the interview and they sent me off to my first assignment covering the city council meeting a few hours later.

Look for literary gems stemming from the discussion about loose dogs and mailbox instillation! I'm looking forward to writing in the "real world" and hope my contribution to the city of Hoffman (pop. 680) is welcomed. Good luck to all in the job search and don't be afraid to apply for positions to get your foot in the door... I applied for a typist position.